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Thinking back, I've lived in many homes, each time I've moved home I've injured my youth, many many things, there are some things I've come across that I haven't come across for tens of months, yet I like it too much to throw it away. Can't afford to throw things away, I've heredited from grandmother.

These couple of days I've mulled over moving house, and, redecorating. This makes my headache even worse. About 6 years ago, I redecorated a house, from getting loaded down with little details from nonessentails I collapsed. I swore I would never redecorate again.

An oath is not completely followed to the letter, as if it's made to be broken, although there's a negative feeling. Changing times and different evironments can together change a person. And I've covered myself inside a cave. Of course, redecorating is an insignificant thing, ultimately it doesn't matter either way, if it's possible to get rid of the shadow from the last redecorating, it's still turning a bad thing into a good thing. Two days ago, someone in my family asked me, if I was like that then then what would I do now. It made me feel uneasy, I could only say: I don't know, everything's possible -- -- the same things said and unsaid, if it's unsaid I'd still give up. And there can still be harmony and peace, I've already thanked my lucky stars.

Today, I want to move closer to someone who's lived in the same house for some years, not changing this or that, they don't talk about the past. At least the toilet needs to be replaced, the kitchen needs to be replaced, the floor ... ... the old-fashioned wood colour, I don't like it, the floor ... ... it's somewhat dirty.

Failure and lies and slander can exercise a person's willpower, denying your own standards cannot be be helped in life, ignorant of destiny.

I need to arrange the plan, need to arrange my time, therefore I need to talk to Xu TuHu and his colleagues. My demands aren't high, I just want it to be clean, that's enough. God, it's really bothersome. Turning my head and thinking, do I really want to move? Rethink again and again. My beloved, wildly becoming a pot of congee's small study ... ... still has a lot of memories.

Xu TuHu is going to marry, hurrily looking at houses. Just saying I'm going to have a close nephew, grandmother is going to have double grandchildren, I am an aunty. I have a very fresh feeling. It's such a shame I'm not an only daughter, having a small brother is pretty good, the more people in the family the more lively.



Finally can come online now, I was using it wrong. I've already written about the evening meal on the Great Wall on Xian Hua's blog, I won't stick it on here again.

Gone through several non-stop days of reporting mistakes. I'm a bit depressed. Writing a blog is also my natural habit. Not writing it for a while makes me very lazy.

I've decided to give myself five days to decide what I seriously want to do. On the way home there are many potholes ... ...

I've heard there are many new cinemas being built, too good too good too good.

There are people who are against me promoting cheaper films, I can't agree, the price should be reduced, it should it should it should. Thanks to the smart, beautiful, single woman, small comrade who introduced the new staff to our company. Greetings.

Hot water has stopped on the floor, inconveniencing cing many of the residents.

Move house, I want to move house.



Used a pen to draw the company plan, thought it was really fun, thinking of printing it onto a cup, mouse mat and on a T-shirt, feeling it's pretty interesting, soon after went to the bookshop to buy lots of books on planning design. Taking it back I reckon it's only 20 kg. I want to become a designer :P --- Ignore me ah ... ... dreaming again ... ... Actually, I can genuinely calculate that there's hardly any chance for my dream to become reality, good thing there's still a lot of time. The reall things I want to can keep me occupied until I'm 90. Roughly calculating, there are nearly 60 years, day by day, that's ages ... ...

I really want to see <The devil wears Prada>, why are there always no tickets, ah ... ... lately I haven't watched any good films ... ...

Change song.

<Dreams may come> This song's been playing for ages, listened to it too much, changing it.



I don't feel like writing, don't feel like writing, still don't feel like writing. Yesterday I went to see a film with some young literature people, after watching, I want to take back what I said yesterday, certainly you can boast. Among one of my unnamed friends, this morning he sent news that they lost their purse, getting me to help ask the cinema on the phone. After spending half the dat helping him he sent news saying: found it, it was just in my bag. (Faint) ... ... how can people be so honest? Just when it's no matter, they make a big deal out of it ... ... I'll first set up many barriers for myself, losing something, is due to personlaity, people being bad to themselves, whatever they do, they can't get the feeling, loving new people, bored with the old.

And then going on a different path or going in a circuit and coming back. You can say this is eating more than your share can't you? No, no, no, don't be completely prejudiced to one side. For instance, today I said to my idol I don't want to write in my blog any more, my idol said I've noticed you're rushing to get rid of your habit. You won't want to continue doing anything you've done well. Like those years when you didn't want to act. Actually, it might be I've stoped loving myself, and maybe this is what I'm really thinking, who knows. Anyway, I've said I've done many random things which people don't believe, everyone thinks I deliberately plan my being natural and graceful. Of course, a smart person will consider the situation and persist in being flexible in carrying on while protecting his own instincts, In a word, there are much more excuses then hatefulness coming from a big heart, if someone can always carry on giving excuses. Anyway, whatever makes you happy. Being happy during your own days is something real. Yesterday, I out of context saw a premier's poetry. Not trying to understand it thoroughly, I brought it here to let everyone take their part. Choosing from 1965's <Nian NuJiao, questions and answers of a bird> : "Not seeing the year before last's clear autumn months, make a treaty with three families, still food to eat, potatoes well cooked, with more beef, don't need to fart! Try to see heaven and earth's upside down." This sentence also has quite a few meanings, people have said if you cook this way then you won't fart (they aren't kidding). People have said this is Khrushchev's satire. Let's see how you think.



The company's billiard ball table is almost going to retire, no-one's used it for many days, since it was exchanged for a blue table tennis table. I'm still used to the green colour, it has to do with my memories in primary school. Our home's decoration has changed a lot, it's much more comfortable, but I'm still not used to studying on the window-like floor, despite it sounding like a very comfortable thing. Recently, I've been getting up at ten o'clock, no matter when in the evening (it should be called early morning) I sleep. At ten o'clock, it's as quiet as the night. Diamond Wan LaoWu asked me why recently my 'writing style' has changed, because, when I write in concrete terms, it feels like it's abstract, this is the only way I can get rest. Because when I write in a concrete way, in reality it is advising someone earnestly. Very boring.

Yesterday, I invited my cherished beautiful lady to come to my place to eat, sighing why there is this kind of clever and bright woman, the beautiful lady's jet-black long hair is extremely beautiful, it's the uncertain person's idol. The beautiful lady didn't say she would like to cut it off, everyone should be pitied ....... but this beautiful lady said she already left it a long, long time, she's tired of looking at it already. This reason doesn't allow a reply. The others think no matter how it looks, of course you have to obey others' decisions.

I've made my own tasty Zha Jiang noodles and tomato spaghetti, jewel, sword, not, old, has, mouth, all, monument. (?)

You don't boast by speaking, you boast by doing.


Dairy (2006/09/14)

I spent the whole day in meetings at the company, many many worrying things.

Just graduated, this is certainly a stressful period in life, for the future there are some blurry expectations, for reality there is always maybe more maybe less discontentment.  I've been through this kind of period before, even continuing up till now.

But then, what kind of life do I want, still must have some reaction, in scientific or struggling terms. Not many people can come across a pie in the sky kind of event. They are all beautiful legends. And attitude, in the course of all events will be very useful. These words sound like a lecture, but these are the facts. And due to it sounding too much like a lecture, that is why although this is not spitting out everything or going quickly but then I will stop and stop talking.

The weather's cold now, summer has past. I'm out of words, but I've done my best.

第一步 - 翻译项目



So from today I'll start to translate the well-known and world popular blog of the ex-actor, now director Lao Xu as a way of practicing Chinese to English for now.

Director Zhang Yibai: <Curiosity kills the cat> I had to cheat and google for this one otherwise it's just weird.

Today the problem with my neck showed itself, to cut a long story short.

N reasons to see <Curiosity kills the cat> .

1. It's definitely a good film to watch, especially the later part, the more you watch, the better it is.

2. Director Zhang Yibai's film's always maintain a certain quality. If not for him, this year there would not be Wen Hui and Xiao Hui.

3. The actors inside are all excellent with each having his strong point. Liu Jia Ling and Hu Jun don't need to be said, and my own Ling Yuan -- This is her next one <A letter from an Unknown woman> After this, the second film production. With my villager's delightful Song having a bit of trouble here, angel's face devil's body. With my relatives being commoners, a super respectful subject's silly show.

4. This play is praised in the capital city of the beautiful woman playwright, Da Xin Zi. The story was written to have feeling and suspense.

5. 收山之作 I'm not sure what this means.

6. The music's nice to listen to.

In all fairness, I intensely recommend this film, showing in advance during the middle of October.


Either you've just stumbled upon this blog in its growing stages or you've gone and flipped back to the very first entry. So to reward you for all this trouble, here's the introduction you wanted.

I'm an intermediate-level learner of Chinese. After surviving through most of my childhood with barely a 5-year old's level of the language, I've decided Chinese will become important in my adult life and to the world as a whole. (I admit I've been subjected to all kinds of corporate brainwashing and advertising on how Chinese is the next BIG thing in business.) So thoughts of making money becoming a translator aside... I would say I've reached the level of simple conversational Chinese in the last few months and now I've hit that vocabulary brick wall. The wall that seperates high-school and college students, the deep pit between knowing enough vocabulary to discuss your life and your history and enough to describe your breakfast and what clothes you were wearing yesterday. Few people and least of all, me have time to memorise these kinds of list and the best way is to read (this blog), write (in this blog) and speak in the language (once we have a small community).

This is about my own journey to push my Chinese to a fluent level with the next few months. I'm a professional, working a 9 to 6 job but no matter what I'm determined to see this through. I'll be reading/writing in Chinese and looking at Chinese articles in the next few days, hopefully longer...

And here's a page on how to translate those wrong characters you see on pretend to be chinese t-shirts.


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